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 The Word “Absolutely” in Example Sentences

Examples of absolutely in a Sentence

He is absolutely certain who will win. Let me make one thing absolutely clear. 

Use “absolutely” in a sentence

 She has absolutely no enemies.

 That’s absolutely unacceptable.

 Yes. You’re absolutely right.

 It’s absolutely impossible.

 This action is absolutely unnecessary and useless.

 We have absolutely nothing in common.

 It’s absolutely impossible to do so.

 Are you absolutely certain about this?

The Word “Absolutely” in Example Sentences

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Used with adjectives:

"That is absolutely amazing."

"That picture is absolutely gorgeous."

"The little puppy is absolutely adorable."

"Your dress is absolutely beautiful."

(amazing, gorgeous, adorable, beautiful, astonishing, breathtaking, brilliant, extraordinary, fantastic, spectacular) *many additional adjectives

"The trash was absolutely disgusting."

(disgusting, filthy, appalling)

"His performance was absolutely marvelous."

(marvelous, breathtaking, shocking, unbelievable, unforgettable)

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Used with verbs:

"I absolutely love your outfit."

(love, adore)

"I absolutely agree with you."


"I absolutely guarantee it."

(guarantee, insist, refuse, require, forbid)

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Sentence Examples

Everything has to be absolutely above-board, so emulators and even abandonware are out of the question, alas.

I know where to go when I absolutely need new news, but the old print cycle is still ruling publishing in many news houses.

What about all those words and expressions that are absolutely untranslatable?

Then I summarize the reasons for which it is an absolutely abominable film?

My boyfriend brought me to London and surprised me by booking us in at the Met Hotel, absolutely stunning and funky place to stay, I loved it!

All the roof timbers have been retained in the church except where a rafter of wall plate was absolutely rotten.

They alone must decide if they will abide totally and absolutely by the Mitchell principles.

I needed to talk with someone who was very smart, someone who I absolutely trusted, someone who knew me as well as I knew myself.

She was quite aware of her own limitations, but absolutely incapable of changing herself.

He is the voice of the manager once the players cross the line and O'Neill trusts him absolutely.

Scotland coach Matt Williams is absolutely right in restricting the selection of the national rugby team to home players.

To be absolutely honest and totally truthful with you, I haven't the slightest idea.

Allenwood must now beat Celbridge in their last outing to be absolutely sure of qualifying for the next round.

All I know is what I read in the paper, which I know is always totally, absolutely accurate.

On the other hand, it is the fact that I am doing something absolutely personal and totally my own that really makes me do it.

Because of the authority he brings to it, his art is totally persuasive and absolutely compelling.

She stressed that the trust was absolutely committed to not using more beds for private healthcare than it could reprovide elsewhere.

Certain decisions are absolutely correct and understandable at the time of their making.

I can assure all the people in Pennsylvania these allegations are absolutely, totally and unequivocally false.

Looking around me, I finally believed the boy's words totally and absolutely.

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