Thursday, November 12, 2020

 The Word “Absolute” in Example Sentences

Examples of absolute in a Sentence

I have absolute faith in her ability to get the job done. He swore an oath of absolute secrecy. When it comes to using computers, I'm an absolute beginner. The country is ruled by an absolute dictator.

Examples of absolute in a Sentence

Examples of absolute in a Sentence

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“Absolute” in a Sentence

absolute (adj): very great or to the largest degree possible

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How to Use "absolute" with Example Sentences

What part of giving an Other absolute power sounded reasonable?

A comfortable bed replaced the cot utilized in Peabody and absolute darkness proved more conducive to sleep than the leaked light that often snuck into our old quarters.

He maintains the unity and freedom of the soul, and the absolute obligation of the moral law.

Absolute power for learning mercy.

There's absolute confidentiality in what we do.

One hypothesis supplants the various principles of life; the rule of absolute mechanism is as complete in the animal as in the cosmos.

You put them both in danger and gave an Other absolute power.

I love a fight and an absolute victory even more, he replied.

Absolute power, Xander had said.

if the results were expressed in absolute measure.

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I think what he says is absolute rubbish.

 I have absolute trust in her.

 I have absolute trust in him.

 What you said is absolute nonsense.

 I need absolute silence when I’m working.

 ‘You’re wrong’, she said with absolute certainty.

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Maybe even welcome it, provided there was absolute confidentiality.

Two clear and distinct ideas, it seems, produce an absolute mystery.

It is not so important that many should be as good as you, as that there be some absolute goodness somewhere; for that will leaven the whole lump.

It was as if rescuing these long forgotten remains from oblivion would somehow prove such a resurrection from years of absolute dark and loneliness would make anything possible.

I'd tell her real story, as much as she'd allow, while still maintaining her absolute privacy.

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