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Thursday, September 24, 2020

Simple Tense

The simple present, present simple or present indefinite is one of the verb forms associated with the present tense in modern English. It is commonly referred to as a tense, although it also encodes certain information about aspect in addition to present time.

Simple Tense: Learn about Adjectives in this post as part of English Grammar. See also other posts for more details. If possible try to find out for English Grammar Rules. The "English Grammar Rules" can be viewed through the following links.

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Verb tense tells you when the action happens. There are three main verb tenses: present, past, and future. Each main tense is divided into simple, progressive, perfect, and perfect progressive tenses.


Simple Tense English Grammar Topics

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Things to remember about simple tense:

     a. Present tense is the original verb form.

     b. Past tense has a few patterns.

     c. Future tense needs will (shall) + verb.

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  • I run a marathon twice a year. (present)
  • I ran a marathon last year. (past)
  • I will run a marathon next year. (future)


  • I eat lunch in my office.
  • I ate lunch an hour ago.
  • I will eat lunch in one hour.

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  • I see a movie once a week.
  • I saw a movie yesterday.
  • I will see a movie tomorrow.


  • I know it.
  • I knew it the day before yesterday.
  • I will know it by tomorrow.


  • I learn English.
  • I learned English the last two years.
  • I will learn English next year.


  • I cook my supper every night.
  • I cooked our dinner already.
  • I will cook breakfast tomorrow.

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