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The Word “absorb” in Example Sentences

I have enough acreage and cattle to absorb some of the loss. My guess is we won't have to absorb all this information. He had forgotten what it felt like to just let go and let the magic absorb him.

What is a sentence for absorb?

He has retained the values that he absorbed as a young man. a country that has absorbed many immigrants smaller countries invaded and absorbed by bigger ones His interest in photography absorbs him completely. I was so absorbed by her story that I lost track of time.

The Word “absorb” in Example Sentences

The Word “absorb” in Example Sentences

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Use “absorb” in a sentence

 This paper does not absorb ink.

 He was completely absorbed in his work.

 He was absorbed in a computer game.

Absorb sentence examples

It wasn't designed to absorb perspiration and probably cost twice the price of a David Dean suit, at least the last time he'd purchased one.

In the future, we will paint surfaces with substances full of nanites that will absorb sunlight and turn it into electricity, transforming any object we paint into a clean energy creator.

The reaction is generally carried out in the presence of sulphuric acid, which is used to absorb the water formed during the process of nitration.

This difficulty was overcome by first filling the cylinder with porous briquettes and then soaking them with a fixed percentage of acetone, so that after allowing for the space taken up by the bricks the quantity of acetone soaked into the brick will absorb ten times the normal volume of the cylinder in acetylene for every atmosphere of pressure to which the gas is subjected, whilst all danger of explosion is eliminated.

The contents of the barn are therefore left till moist weather occurs, and then by the admission of atmospheric air the leaf blades absorb moisture and become soft and pliant.

Whether this could by its own growth have been extended over his free tenants and carried so far as to absorb a local court, like that of the hundred, into private possession, is not certain.

These are some of the questions which must absorb the energies of the rising generation of economists.

To control the speed and Brakes absorb this energy, brakes have to be provided.

A strange energy ran between them, as if she could absorb the faint stream of his magic.

I will probably absorb vitamins through my skin as my shirt detects I need them.

He'd see her in less than a day, if the Council didn't absorb all his time.

It appeared that a surface blackened so as to absorb the radiant energy directed on it was repelled relatively to a polished surface.

She leaned over the edge to see the stone tile at the bottom of the fountain absorb her blood.

Deidre struggled to absorb the wild story, unable to comprehend most of it.

His political and courtly employments, however, did not absorb all his time, and he contributed during his stay in Bavaria a number of papers to the Philosophical Transactions.

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