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Please + (verb) - English Speaking Basics

'Please' is generally used in a polite request when asking someone to do something.

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Please + (verb) - English Speaking Basics
Please + (verb) - English Speaking Basics

Please + (verb) - English Speaking Basics examples:

"Please pass me the salt."
"Please order me the steak and potatoes."
"Please stop bothering me."
"Please wash your hands before dinner."
"Please wait outside until we are ready."
"Please zip up your coat before you go outside."
"Please stand back."
Please let me wake up and find out this was only a dream.
Please just find him quickly.
Now, dear friend, Please accept these few words because of the love that is linked with them.
Please let Bishop Brooks know our plans, so that he may arrange to be with us.
Please give your dear aunt's teacher's and my love and tell her that we enjoyed our little visit very much indeed.
The word 'please' can also mean to give enjoyment or satisfaction.

Please + (verb) - English Speaking Basics examples:

Follow me, please, to meet your doom.
Please do not forget to send me some pretty presents to hang on my tree.
The poet wished very much to please the caliph.
Please kiss your dear little baby for me, and tell her I have a little brother nearly sixteen months old.
Please; tell me what happened!
"The smell of the flowers was very pleasing."
"May it please the court to admit this into evidence?"
"I was very pleased with how the children behaved in class."
"You cannot please everyone all the time."
"She was pleased with the dress."


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