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 You should + (verb) - English Speaking Basics: Here you are suggesting an obligation or duty that needs to take place either now or in the near future.

You should + (verb) - English Speaking Basics
You should + (verb) - English Speaking Basics

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You should + (verb) - examples:

"You should go to bed."

"You should do your homework before going outside."

"You should replace your headlights on your car."

"You should request a raise at work."

"You should stop smoking."

"You should smile more."

"You should slow down when driving in a neighborhood."

"You should talk to him about it."

"You should train your dog."

"You should trust what they say."

How to Use "Should" with Example Sentences

Example sentences:

"You should be supervising your children at the park."

"He should be working on the project instead of sleeping."

"She should take a break."

"You should be doing your homework."

"You should bring a jacket with you."

"They should be arriving soon."

"Their plane should be landing any minute."

"We should be there to support her."

"Kathy should be at her daughter's recital."

"There should be some parking spaces available."

"It should not take too long."

"The shot should not hurt."

"You should know where we are."

"Everyone should know the answer to that question."

"You should drink a lot of water."

"We should eat soon."

"We should sleep early."

"She should not walk home alone."

"You should not be eating that."

"I should exercise more often."

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