Tuesday, April 6, 2021

 I used to + (verb) - English Speaking Basics

“Used for” expresses something that was done in the past and is usually not done now.

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I used to + (verb) - English Speaking Basics
I used to + (verb) - English Speaking Basics

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Here are some examples:

"I used to develop websites."

"I used to jog every day."

"I used to paint."

"I used to smoke."

"I used to work from home."

"I used to live in California."

"I used to sing in a choir."

"I used to like vegetables."

Here are some examples of affirmative sentences using used to.

I used to be weak

I used to be strong

She used to be fit

She used to be fat

He used to be shy

He used to be polite

We used to drink a lot

We used to study harder

They used to have a beard

They used to have a mustache

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