Wednesday, April 14, 2021

 I plan to + (verb) - English Speaking Basics

'Plan to' describes something you would like to do in the near future.

'Plan to' మీరు సమీప భవిష్యత్తులో చేయాలనుకుంటున్నదాన్ని వివరిస్తుంది.

I plan to + (verb) - English Speaking Basics
I plan to + (verb) - English Speaking Basics

Here are some examples:

"I plan to find a new apartment."

"I plan to relax on vacation."

"I plan to surprise my parents."

"I plan to wash my car."

"I plan to adopt a child."

"I plan to impress my boss."

"I plan to watch a movie."

"I plan to save more money."

"I plan to read a book."

"I plan to learn new things."

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