Sunday, January 3, 2021

 The Word “Academic” in Example Sentences

What defines an academic?

a member (like a professor) of an educational institution (like a university) Both parents are academics. an academic person in their background, outlook or methods. 2 university students in the plural, mainly US: academic subjects: courses of study taken in a school or college.

The Word “Academic” in Example Sentences

The Word “Academic” in Example Sentences

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Example Sentences for “Academic”

Use “academic” in a sentence

His academic achievements are impressive. 

She is working at an academic institution.

He chose an academic career.

A faculty member or scholar at an institution of higher learning, such as a university.

One who has an academic viewpoint or a scholarly background.

A teacher or scholar at a college or university.

Alternative form of academic.

Alternative form of academic.

Academic is defined as a question that can't be definitely answered but that people like to think about and discuss anyway.

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