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 The Word “Absence” in Example Sentences

What is the sentence of absence?

Absence sentence examples. His absence sucked the energy from the room and she stared down at the dishwater. He explained the absence of his fangs. You forget, I command them in the absence of my father and his most trusted warriors.

What does in the absence mean?

1 : while someone is away The study was completed in her absence. 2 : in the place of someone who is not present He was asked to speak in his brother's absence.



“Absence” in a Sentence

absence (n): not present; away; not being in a specified place

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How to Use "Absence" with Example Sentences

Her features had gone from drawn and pale to glowing, the result of his return from Europe after an extended absence and the child growing in her womb.

He received formal leave of absence in January 1908, when he received the title of president of the board of customs. Both the Chinese and the British governments from time to time conferred honours upon Sir Robert Hart.

And this very absence of an aim gave him the complete, joyous sense of freedom which constituted his happiness at this time.

He intended for the problem to right itself in his absence, once she adjusted.

It had been so long, and the absence of intimacy was ruining any chance of salvaging their relationship.

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He revealed the real reason for his absence.

 I don’t know the reason for her absence.

 He was repeated absences from work.

 The decision was made in my absence.

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In the absence of efficient communication, potential belligerents are left to impute the worst possible motives to the unexplained actions of others.

Young Billy Langstrom came by for Pumpkin, his newfound friend, announced by the absence of a muffler on his bright red Jeep.

Pierre did not come either and Natasha, not knowing that Prince Andrew had gone to see his father, could not explain his absence to herself.

If he noticed her absence soon after it occurred, would he have been able to follow and stop her deal with Darkyn?

He at once resigned his commission, and without waiting for it to be accepted took leave of absence and went to Moscow.

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